I can’t say enough about returns, they are the best fundamental form of information and communications from your customer. We can improve the product through research and comments. Do you find you are having unbalanced stock sizes at the end of a season? We can analyse and focus on improving pre-season.

Online shopping – Returns are so important and can mean profit or loss on individual products or ranges. Improving the fit and the quality to the customer is a vital requirement. Having successfully worked many years in HS I am able to analyse and set improvements to reduce returns for large or small retailers.

Bricks and mortar shopping – Returns for this area tend to be faulty or poor quality, but in the children’s department, the returns take on an online effect, whereas parents of young children tend to buy off-the-shelf and fit the product at home. This increases the returns and brings them in line with children’s products bought through online shopping, so it is important that all genders for footwear fitting are improved for both online and bricks and mortar shopping.

Footwear Technical Services can analyse and improve returns season-on-season.

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