Fitting & Sealing

Fitting shoes is never easy, as all feet are different. Most retailers and suppliers follow a path to find an average fitting to accommodate UK shoe sizes. As a footwear fitting specialist the focus is on improving the fit season on season whether men's ladies or children's.

Children's shoes always return high for online businesses. Correct grading is such an important part of the sales which will improve the customer experience. Boots are the hardest style to fit as it encompasses the foot, ankle and calf, three fittings to be achieved in one style, but can still be achieved without affecting aesthetics or margin. Sealing is a time management for the product. After working for various retailers I understand the importance of on time delivery to meet the company needs which impacts on bottom line sales.

Footwear Technical Services is here to help improve fitting and comfort in wear, which in turn increases sales and customer satisfaction.


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